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Macbook Air Memory Space

An unexpected issue today, one of my student commented she didn’t have much space left on her Macbook Air. To which a chorus of other student agree that they to where running out of space. Taken back by the pure number of students in agreement, lead to a discussion on ‘what we need to store […]

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Trial 3 – Devices

This trial has been something I have been working on over a large time frame. So it isnt accurate to have it as trial three, as it makes it sound new. Multiple devices in my classroom, I love technology and knowing that our young learners love it and need some guidance on its correct use […]

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Trial 2 – Different height desks

One of my students in class is always rocking on his chair and wanting to get up and move around. He is by no means a naughty kid quite the opposite, hard working, eager to get the job done to the best of his ability. Trial 2 is several different height desks in my classroom, […]

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Trial 1- A different spot to help.

No idea if this will work, but going to trial it anyway. As teacher we are often found at our desks, marking, writing, working, and helping students work there way through problems they have encounter. I know at times I get trapped/caught or just plain stuck at this desk with an increasing size line of […]

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