Masters Topic

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Officially commencing in 2013 my Masters is the next step in my continued progressing of learning. The passed five months have been a process of collecting my thoughts ideas and reflecting on my pedagogy, teaching and areas of interest. Discussing with my supervisors, mentors, friends and work colleagues my Research Statement/idea I’ve narrowed the list down some what. Three distinctive themes continue to resurface and rearrange themselves in these statements.

Those being

  • Pedagogy
  • ICT integration
  • Differentiation


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  1. Emma Jane Phillips October 17, 2012 8:21 pm #

    Your doing your masters?!?!?
    That is awesome, Tam.
    I hope I can be of some help in this one… even if it’s just by asking stupid questions via the internet.
    Damn, I miss working with you.

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