Trial 3 – Devices

This trial has been something I have been working on over a large time frame. So it isnt accurate to have it as trial three, as it makes it sound new.

Multiple devices in my classroom, I love technology and knowing that our young learners love it and need some guidance on its correct use only encourages me to use it in my learning environment.

So for over a year I have had the device policy in my classroom, it started as the iPod policy, where students and I came up with a set of 5 simple rules which they agreed to to use iPods in our room, mainly while working on a research task listening to music.

The use of the devices has changed dramatically, some on my students use there iPhones Apps to do mental maths, others use their iPads to take class notes, and cameras to film science experiments to refer to later in greater detail.

The rules are simple and we still use them, a couple of things have changed to address the multiple devices.

I’d like to increase the use of devices even further in our room, how exactly?, well I think thats an excellent question for my classes next round circle discussion.


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  1. Skye Moroney October 15, 2012 9:56 pm #

    So what are the 5 rules?

    Interesting to know if you’ve observed the same trends for productivity and creative thinking that have been researched and linked to listening to the right kind of music whilst working.

    • Tammy Moroney October 15, 2012 10:27 pm #

      Original I based the class rules on three rules that had been release, at the time mid 2009.
      No new music, No radio, and No sharing. From memory they believed that new music and the radio distracted the learning process moving the focus of the brain to the new information/music/radio information. It was believed that sharing distracted the learner and gave them a topic off task to discuss.

      I will see if I can find the research paper I got this from.

      The very first rule set had 5.
      1. Ask if you can use them,
      2. Continuous playlist
      3. No radio or new music
      4. Only one ear in
      5. When instructions are given both out.

      We added in two more, both to help students so they wldn’t get distracted or distract others,
      6. No sharing unless asked
      7. Out of sight.

      The rules have been amended over time to now be
      1. Have permission
      2. Don’t get distracted (continuous play list, filming things that aren’t the experiment etc)
      3. No sharing devices unless asked (*could link this to 1)
      4. Only one ear in
      5. When Instructions are given both out

      and the unwritten rule if your not sure ask.

  2. Emma Jane Phillips October 17, 2012 8:16 pm #

    Hey Tam, do you mind if I share your rules with my colleagues? I think it might help with some stuff that we’re trying to do… or at least give some different ideas.

    Oh, and are you okay if I add your websites to my Learnist boards? I’ve got about 200+ people who track my education board and I’d like to share your classroom journey one with them, if not all three of your sections.

    • Tammy Moroney October 17, 2012 8:19 pm #

      Am only to happy to share resources and ideas. Would be honoured if you added me to it Em.
      Thanks for posting

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