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Trial 3 – Devices | Sparks of Interest

Trial 3 – Devices

This trial has been something I have been working on over a large time frame. So it isnt accurate to have it as trial three, as it makes it sound new.

Multiple devices in my classroom, I love technology and knowing that our young learners love it and need some guidance on its correct use only encourages me to use it in my learning environment.

So for over a year I have had the device policy in my classroom, it started as the iPod policy, where students and I came up with a set of 5 simple rules which they agreed to to use iPods in our room, mainly while working on a research task listening to music.

The use of the devices has changed dramatically, some on my students use there iPhones Apps to do mental maths, others use their iPads to take class notes, and cameras to film science experiments to refer to later in greater detail.

The rules are simple and we still use them, a couple of things have changed to address the multiple devices.

I’d like to increase the use of devices even further in our room, how exactly?, well I think thats an excellent question for my classes next round circle discussion.


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